Integrate FAMA Cash for instant business growth

Integrate FAMA Cash for instant business growth

Because adding a new product or service is a significant undertaking, it should ideally benefit more than one area of your business. FAMA Cash’s customized, holistic offerings covering every aspect of the payments ecosystem is the solution you’re looking for to help your business grow at every level of customer engagement.

Addressing CLC touchpoints

FAMA Cash has created solutions to help your business maximize opportunities at every point in the consumer life cycle, from brand awareness, through the stages of customer engagement, conversion and purchase, loyalty and retention, and big data management.

Brand, product and service awareness: FAMA Cash can help you enhance the effectiveness of your mobile marketing efforts, increasing the ROI of your current marketing campaigns. The FAMA Cash merchant platform is designed with flexibility that ensures smooth integration with mobile marketing campaigns, and offers white-label options for consistent brand promotion.

Customer engagement:The FAMA Cash merchant platform offers you many options to seamlessly engage customers, such as offering personalized and location-based mobile deals, coupons, gift cards, and cash back options, all designed to increase foot traffic to your store, and enhance customer lifetime value.

Conversion and purchase:The FAMA Cash merchant platform allows you to accept a wide variety of credit/debit card and electronic wallet payments, and the platform’s concept to integrate all aspects of the electronic payments ecosystem provides additional flexibility and convenience for customers, such as money transfers, and online product purchase for walk-in customers.

Loyalty and retention: With the FAMA Cash platform, creating a digital loyalty campaign and offering brand-enhancing partner incentives such as restaurant or entertainment deals are easily managed.

Big data management:The integrated, holistic design of the FAMA Cash merchant platform makes managing critical customer and market data easy, allowing you to maximize your marketing and product strategies, effectively anticipate customer demand, and determine efficient pricing for digital coupons and other customer engagement and retention tools.

The right approach

The FAMA Cash merchant platform’s unique concept is backed by solid development expertise and effort. Not just a product offering both open- and closed-loop electronic payment solutions, FAMA Cash offers your business additional support and customization flexibility through our consulting services.

FAMA Cash understands the electronic payments landscape, and knows that the key to thriving in this fast-paced ecosystem is evolution. R & D is not just an activity for FAMA Cash, it’s a way of life; we are constantly seeking and testing new concepts and ideas to improve our product and make it even more versatile and easily integrated into your business.

The right leadership

The team who leads FAMA Cash brings broad expertise and understanding of market conditions to the table, and is dedicated to creating a product that can help your business achieve higher growth. Meet the people behind our brand:

Dr. Saiful Khandaker, Founder, Chairman, & Chief Executive Officer, FAMA Cash Inc. –Before launching FAMA Cash, Dr. Khandaker was the CEO of Freebee Pay, a loyalty and payments platform with a social responsibility focus, offering charity payment integration in its product. He also co-founded Beekash Payment Systems, a payment gateway system for credit and debit cards, e-checks, and bitcoin transactions for online retailers. Dr. Khandaker holds a doctorate in organizational leadership, a master’s degree in technology management, and a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems.

Rabiul Karim, Executive Vice President, FAMA Cash Inc. –Mr. Karim brings extensive market knowledge to FAMA Cash with his experience in senior management of a large retail chain company, and his extensive activity in the South Asian community. Holder of a master’s degree in business administration from Wichita State University, he has served as chairman of the Federation of Bangladeshi Associations in North America (FOBANA), a nonprofit umbrella organization comprising more than 200 Bangladeshi community associations in North America. Mr. Karim also serves on the Board of Directors of the Pundra University of Science and Technology, and the Board of Directors of the Bangladesh Medical College.

Hussain Shirazie, EVP for Asia & Middle East, FAMA Cash Inc. – Mr. Shirazie comes to FAMA Cash from the banking industry, having handled Standard Chartered Bank’s Dhaka-based transaction banking business for three years. Before moving to Bangladesh, Mr. Shirazie was based in Bahrain for six years with banking management responsibilities for the Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Jordan and Lebanon markets. Prior to his stint with Standard Chartered, Mr. Shirazie spent four years with HSBC in Sydney, and five years with Citibank in Dubai.

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